Apply for a Grant – 2019

Big Impact is a charity organisation in Scotland aiming to support Scottish registered charities, voluntary organisations and community groups in the areas of education, community development, amateur sport, equality & diversity and assistance to those in need (for full details please check our website

Big Impact is aimed at a more local level therefore larger/national charities or those with considerable reserves are unlikely to be considered for funding.  At present we are unable to provide funding to support capital works.

Grant Offer

At this stage of our development we can only offer grants up to £1000 and applications will be considered against how closely the request meets our charitable purposes (see website).

Application Deadline

Application forms and accompanying evidence must arrive by 5.00 pm on 28th June 2019 to be considered for this third round of grants. Grants awarded will be announced by 19 July 2019.


If a grant is approved we expect it to be used within one year. It can only be used for purchases after the grant is awarded (no retrospective funding will be approved)

Grant Conditions

The grant must be used for the purpose for which it was approved – any significant change to the details of the application must be notified to us.  Big Impact may request evidence to confirm any information you have provided.

You must provide a short report when you have used your grant to explain how it was spent and how it has helped you – reports and photographs may be used for publicity (any identifying/personal details will be concealed where relevant)

Big Impact reserves the right to reclaim any money paid as a result of fraudulent or misleading claims.

Big Impact is not liable for the consequences of the use of the donation (grant) offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to be a charity to apply?

No, you don’t need to be a registered charity.  Applications from constituted voluntary and community groups will be considered.

Who cannot apply?

Charities and organisations based outside of Scotland.

What is the deadline for applications?

In this third round the deadline is 5.00pm on 28 June 2019 either by post or email.  An emailed application must be backed up with the original signed documents sent in by post.

Why do we have to supply our financial information?

We need accounts to understand your financial situation and your bank statement to ensure that any grant goes into the correct account.

Can we change what we will use the grant for?

You should use the grant for the purpose you applied for however if circumstances change you must contact us.  We will not withhold permission unreasonably

How long do we have to spend the grant?

We expect you to spend the grant within one year.

How will I find out if my application has been successful?

You will receive an email by July 19th followed by a pack containing a funding agreement.

How will I claim any funding awarded?

By returning a signed copy of the funding agreement your grant will be released but you will need to comply with the terms of the funding agreement by sending us a report of how you used the grant.